About us


Get to know the Founder & CEO.

Kiddy Kouture, is a children’s clothing brand created in 2013 by Aleese Alexandra. Kiddy Kouture, are looks, style & fashion geared towards those kids who aren’t afraid to be bold and standout!  Aleese really takes her time handpicking quality brands and styles that’ll leave a lasting impression. Growing up Aleese always loved playing dress up and putting on fine threads of her older siblings. You can say at a young age, fashion has always been her passion.

As the years went by Aleese became full-time in the education field where in which she also discovered her love for children as well. She would sit and think how fun it would be to dress them up in adult-like fashion, while keeping it kid friendly! That’s when she discovered, Kiddy Kouture! Since then Kiddy Kouture, has been all across the globe, on runway shows styling kids young and old! Our mission is to help children build confidence through their sense of style and fashion! There is NEVER a right or wrong way when it comes to making the pieces pop! Fashion is away that one can express their unique individuality!